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Clubs and Day Tickets

Below are listed the angling clubs and day tickets available in the Stour catchment.

Angling Clubs


© A.J. Clark, 2019.

Club: Birmingham Anglers Association
River: Stour
Location: Stourton Castle
Bank: Left

Phone: 01562 882116

Bronx Anglers

© R. Teague, 2019.

Club: Bronx Anglers
River: Stour
Location: Wilden, Stourport
Bank: Right

Phone: 07972 000849

Day Tickets


© A.J. Clark , 2012.

River: Stour
Location: Anchor Inn, Caunsall
Bank: Right

Contact: Gary Farmer
Cost: £5 per day

Baggeridge Pools

© South Staffordshire Council

River: Bobs-Holbeche Brook, On-line Pools
Location: Baggeridge Country Park
Bank: All

Phone: 01902 882605
Cost: £5 (adult) £3.50 (children) per day


© A.J. Clark, 2012.

River: Stour
Location: Wolverley Mini Golf
Bank: Left
Availability: 10am-6pm
Other info: No Keep-Nets.

Contact: Matthew
Cost: £6 per day

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